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Zimbabwe Sunshine Group is an organization formed by a group of youth who have dedicated themselves to promote, educate and inform the public about issues of Environment in the country and beyond.  The organization is registered with the Zimbabwe Youth Council and works closely with the Ministry of Environment Natural Resources Management and in collaboration with other players in environmental issues.

As you might be aware United Nations is accelerating the achievement of Millennium Development Goals which is now set to be achieved in the next 1000 – thereby marking the targeted year of 2015.  On this note Zimbabwe Sunshine Group is working towards attaining MDG Number 7- Ensuring Environmental Sustainability. Ecological sustainability, environmental conservation and greening issues are now at the top of the priority matrix of developmental programs. The growing concerns on the rate at which Global Warning is affecting the capacity of the earth to sustain lives, have indeed called for the acceleration of possible interventions. This is mainly caused by the carbon foot print of our products and services. Responding to the emergency our organization will be adopting 1st Street Shopping Mall and turning it into a green street during the course of this year.

Business, institutions and communities also have a role to play in reducing, tracing and managing the carbon foot print of their products and services. Your organization is already involved in a number of activities that have a direct link to the environment. The efforts you are putting to preserve the environment and how the community is benefiting from your activities needs to be show cased.

Zimbabwe Sunshine Group is inviting you and your organization to participate in second edition of the Zimbabwe’s annual International Green Expo and Conference to be held from the 23 and 29 ofJuly, 2013 at Harare Gardens and Crown Plaza Hotel.

The Green Expo gives you an opportunity to interact with potential investors, policy makers and members of the public, thereby show casing how your organization is transforming its operations or policies towards green business policies.  We will be kindly asking for the endorsement of your logo on our promotional material.

A non profit assembly of young people who desire to see good waste management standards being implemented and lobby for environmental conservation.